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Join us from Carrollton, TX / Upper Darby, PA or Online!

Belt Line Rd in Carrollton, TX

Our Carrollton location has plenty of parking available and conveniently close to all major highways. You can always join online from anywhere!

Upper Darby, PA - just in the corner

Our location is convenient for our students local to the area.
You can always join online from anywhere!


  • The main goal of TechFios is to give student the large quantity information with the best quality. Depending upon the course, the class length varies. We estimate that our courses will be completed within 4-6 months.

  • The courses are not designed like the school, college or university curriculum. TechFios is different and we take pride in that! Our curriculum is based on work-like project. We have on-site classrooms available to our students in Carrollton, Texas and Upper Darby. TechFios also have online courses with interactive tools to talk to your mentor and peers. The classroom is simple. We have whiteboards and TVs for students to see subjects taught, clearly and comfortably. Our each sessions are recorded and distributed to the students. TechFios understand that people have life and things happen, if you cannot join class, you can watch the recorded sessions and schedule 1:1 with mentors in your own free time! An admin will always be in on-site class to monitor and assist anyone weather it is in-class or online. Techfios believe in work-hard and play-hard. Therefore, we give you short breaks during class time and let you dig though our snack and kick-back with some Columbian coffee!

  • TechFios classes are recorded. Therefore, if you cannot join a class, you can watch the recorded session and schedule 1:1 with mentors in your own free time!

  • The founders of TechFios are no different than you. Years ago, they were in your shoes trying to look for a way to expand their careers. After years of experience in top IT companies and mentoring many classes, they came up with the near perfect curriculum to help people. If you want to get traing and get hired, then TechFios is the right fit for you!

  • The only thing that you need to bring is a notebook or laptop to take notes. We provide the students with all necessary software.

  • If you follow the program guide and you do the required work, you are guranteed a job!

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